Poetry: first love

Nothing beats
Your first love
Everything after that seems mediocre
Conversations can never dive past
The surface level of a turf
Will you go through this raging ocean with me?
Or will you swim away
Delving into calm waters
The opposite
Of me

Write: dear heart

Dear heart,
Stop fluttering so much, as if you've forgotten how deep the cuts were and how splattered the tapes are right now. You're fragile, baby. 

Poetry: same world

Maybe writing this here
Would somehow spark a notion
Of us being lovers
In a different world
It could be in space
Or in paper
It wouldn't matter
As long as 
We exist
In the same world 

write: love

We all have our differences but the thing is
most people tend to dwell on that 
with us,
we draw in to our similarities
and what brings us together
is love

(can't believe we are ultimate squad goals with at least 10 years of friendship behind us ♥ )

Write: wips 2

Which one of your relationships 
Were true to you
And which one was a rebound 
It seems that you can't 
Between the two
Or else you would have known
Which was more profound


Progression is when
Missing you 
Becomes part of my
Daily routine 


I've learnt to let go
Keep my mind free
My heart at peace 
And maybe continue on like this
Without worry
Or anxiety
Coming for me at every second
Of the day 


(Yay second wip! Ok maybe not so 'yay', I need to keep vomiting more words but I haven't been feeling a lot these days damn it)